Non-alcoholic additives, juices mixers


Generic for the bottled fermented juice of apples. The United States is the only country to call unfemented apple juice cider. In other countries, notably England and the British Isles, cider is what Americans call "hard" cider, meaning apple juice that has been fermented with yeast to produce an alcoholic component. It is consumed there in the same manner as, and similar proof to beer. In the U.K., hard cider is sometimes mixed, about 50/50, with amber ale to make a drink known as The Snake Bite, and the British are also known to add Pernod to their hard cider, ordered as Pernod and cider. Hard cider, of the British and European style, while uncommon, IS also produced in the U.S.A. The term "cider," used alone, refers to this alcoholic version. See "apple cider" and "apple juice" for the traditional American versions.




Limited availability. Rarely exported. Regional.