Licor 43


Liqueurs, herbal or spice-flavored


Licor 43 also known as Cuarenta y Tres is the most popular Spanish liqueur exclusively produced in Cartagena by Zamora family since 1946 according to well guarded secret recipe inspired by the legendary Liqvor Mirabilis, 3rd-century aromatic elixir.  This thick-bodied liqueur contains 43 ingredients and has beautiful golden-yellow color, sharp and warm aroma of herbs, spices, citrus, sweet fruits, and strong notes of vanilla. The taste is smooth and warm with a long sweet finish on the tongue.  Brilliant ingredient for original digestif-cocktails well combines with chocolate, oranges, sweet berries, cream.    There are several ways to serve Licor 43 with coffee, milk, and ice, as an essential ingredient for Barraquito, carajillos, cortado, etc.  Traditional glassware used for serving cocktails is the Licor 43 balón glass or Licor 43 mini beer glass for "mini-beer" cocktail, designed to visually imitate a pale beer with a white color foamy head.  For now, Licor 43 is the fastest growing and top-selling Spanish liquor in the world.


Generally available. Produced and sold in Spain. Distributed world-wide. Available for on-line ordering in some markets.