Forbidden Fruit


Liqueurs, fruit-flavored


Defunct proprietary American brandy-based shaddock (pummelo) liqueur, light amber sweetened with honey, created by Louis Bustanoby and once manufactured by Charles Jacquin et Cie. Beware, the final incarnation of this liqueur which was produced was with an entirely different base, flavor, and formula. The difference between the two types can be told by the type of bottle the liqueur appears in. The original version was in an orb of the type Chambord appears in today, the latter version, in a generic Jacquin bottle. The former had a light pleasant honey/citrus character, the latter is more reminiscent of pancake syrup. The earlier formulation was once highly regarded, in its own right and as a cocktail constituent. Currently LEE SPIRITS COMPANY producing this liqueur in United States.


citrus, brandy and honey


Limited availability


Some books of homemade liqueur recipes attempt to imitate this product. None are particularly successful, though it probably could be done.