Cordial Medoc


Liqueurs, herbal or spice-flavored


The original Cordial - Médoc liqueur produced since 1878 by G. A. Jourde in Bordeaux, France According to the secret family recipe dating back to 1878 Cordial - Médoc contains more than 15 different fruits spices, and herbs(most notably of them are Orange from the island of Curacao, Vanilla, Cocoa bean, Violets, and Prunes) The fruits and spices are macerated in a cognac based spiri, and then blended with wine Eau de Vie made from wines of Médoc area. Cordial Médoc is well known for its stimulating digestional properties. The name Medoc explains the origin of this liqueurs from the French province Medoc nearby the seaport Bordeaux.


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