grain alcohol


Chemical additives


Generic for, generally 90% (180 proof) pure ethyl alcohol. The other 10% is distilled water. The only more potent alcohol is known as 'absolute alcohol', which is 99% pure alcohol. Molecular instability precludes the chemical, alcohol, from ever being 100% pure. Grain alcohol is rarely used in cocktails of any quality, though it has been used in some bottled or machine-dispensed mixed drinks - mainly in tropical or quazi-tropical tourist areas. It is remembered with some chagrin, in certain quarters, as the classic component of 'garbage can punch', but its main use, of cocktail interest, is as the spirit base of some liqueurs and the secondary spirit base of blended whiskies. Grain alcohol differs from vodka mainly in the charcoal filtration the latter receives, and the dilution.




Generally available. Distributed world-wide.


100 proof vodka