flavored vodka


Neutral spirits


Generic for vodka which, after distillation, is flavored with natural or artificial herbal, spice, or fruit components by infusion, maceration, aging, or secondary distillations. Historically, infused vodkas each took on their own names, and once flavored, were not, strictly speaking, vodka any longer. In current-day parlance, flavored renditions are all considered subsets of vodka, so-named. Traditionally, vodkas were flavored with herbs, grasses, spices, and occasionally sweetened with honey. The modern trend is to treat vodkas with simple fruit flavors, a process made easier by 20th-21st century technolgies of chemistry and preservation. Even given that, the quality of fruit flavors in vodka varies widely with few attaining characters which can truly be termed "natural".


Generally available. Available for on-line ordering in some markets.


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Some popular cocktails with flavored vodka: