Rainbow (liqueur)

Build; do not mix
1/7 creme de cacao. (½ oz, 1 cl)
1/7 creme de violette. (½ oz, 1 cl)
1/7 Yellow Chartreuse. (½ oz, 1 cl)
1/7 maraschino. (½ oz, 1 cl)
1/7 Benedictine. (½ oz, 1 cl)
1/7 green Chartreuse. (½ oz, 1 cl)
1/7 brandy. (½ oz, 1 cl)
Use liqueur glass and pour ingredients carefully so that they do not mix.
Serve in a liqueur glass (1.0 oz)

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maraschino liqueur
maraschino liqueur

Generic for clear liqueur with a neutral spirit base, flavored with crushed Dalmation Marasca che...

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