Joscoe Julep (Jocose Julep)

Shake in iced cocktail shaker strain
2 oz bourbon (6 cl)
½ oz green creme de menthe (1.5 cl)
3 sprigs mint (1½ oz, 4.5 cl)
1 oz fresh lime juice (3 cl)
1 tsp sugar (4 dashes)
Fill with crushed ice, soda
Serve in a tall glass (10.0 oz)


This drink, as titled the Joscoe Julep, appeared in Jones' Bar Guide, to date the largest bar guide, by number of recipes, ever printed. Our users (and our own research) suggest this was in inadvertent mispelling on the part of Mr. Jones, though in keeping with our policy to accurately display recipes as printed in verified sources, we have chosen to title the recipe both ways.

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