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An example of the first popular electric drink mixer. The depicted example is literally the Waring "Blendor", the original commercial drink blender available to the public, envisioned and financed by Fred Waring, popular dance music band leader since 1923. The device, originally christened the "Miracle Mixer," debuted at the National Restaurant Show in 1937. By 1938, the name had been changed to the Waring Blendor. It was adopted and acclaimed for mixing Polynesian-styled tiki drinks by Don the Beachcomber and remained the behind-the-bar mainstay of many a tiki mixologist for many years to come. In general, blenders are popular for drink mixing because of their speed and hands-free operation. The term "Blender drinks" has come to denote thick, festive, and dessert-like potions popular among infrequent drinkers.

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